Secure, structure and monetize your content in the AI era

An infrastructure for content owners to block unauthorized scraping, structure data for Large Language Model use and generate licensing revenue

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Structure content for LLM use

Content owners have various content formats, including text, video, image, audio and more. Getting this content into a unified format that is ‘LLM ready’ is no trivial task. We will structure and host your content in a vector database so that it can be called at any time by LLMs.

Enable monetization via licensing infrastructure

Once your content is hosted, you can either use it for internal models or charge a monthly license fee to end users for access. Increase your reach and generate additional revenue for the content you create.

How it works

Our infrastructure secures content, structures it in a vector database and provides a monetization mechanism

How exactly do you secure online content from unauthorized bots?

We implement some JavaScript on your website which stops all unauthorized bots from crawling your content. Note that we do not block web crawlers that assist with SEO.

What if I want to monetize across multiple LLM providers?

Our Sphere API is accessible by all major LLM providers (OpenAI, Anthropic, Cohere and many more). You can charge monthly licensing fees to end users across all these model providers.

Do you support integrations with open-source models?

Open-source models are able to integrate with the Sphere platform via our API documentation.

I’m a publisher with multiple source contributors / authors. Can you facilitate payments to each author?

Yes! Our licensing infrastructure can identify what content in your corpus of knowledge is being called by the model, providing attribution to source content creators. This way we can assign part of your monthly licensing fees to those creators.

Protect and monetize your content today!

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